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Bitcoin Money Insurance - 50% daily for 500 days

We are Tropix Investors Group a private investment management company. We specialize in the foreign exchange and stock markets.  We have a highly educated investment team with many years of experience in stock and FX markets. Our team has experts in risk management and market analysis and have made our company very profitable for our investors and shareholders year after year. We are located on Grand Cayman Island in the city of Georgetown and established in 1996.

We have teamed up with a select group of Private companies and investors to offer 100% principal investment insurance for all of our investors. This group has agreed to insure all principal deposits for a share of our monthly earnings. This allows our group to diversify their investment portfolio and create a risk free, highly attractive, and profitable investment opportunity for our investors.
How it works is our group has agreed to an undisclosed amount they will insure. Therefore, we must limit the amount of investments we can accept to ensure all principal investments are 100% covered and protected from any losses. If, we suffer severe losses this group will send us the funds required to cover all principal deposits. To prevent this from happening we have developed a unique and effective trading system. We use trade specific limits to maximize profits and minimize losses. We have a reserve account that is funded using profits from our successful trading days. The reserve account is used to cover pay outs on our unsuccessful trading days.

Our trading system is very reliable, safe, and profitable. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity. We look forward working for you.

Starter Plan
Standard Plan
Advanced Plan
Daily Interest rate: 20%
Term: 1000 days
Minimum: $500.00
Maximum: $4999.00
Type: Simple
Daily Interest rate: 50%
Term: 500 days
Minimum: $5,000.00
Maximum: $24,999.00
Type: Simple
Daily Interest rate: 500%
Term: 30 days
Minimum: $25,000.00
Maximum: $250, 000.00
Type: Simple


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